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I don’t know what your situation is but there is HOPE

I am a person who likes to think about things and and I have thought about life so many times. I find it interesting how we all try to live like there is no tomorrow. Every year that passes by, brings us closer to the end- our departure from this planet. But to where? Where are you going to go after death? If you do not have an answer to this question, I encourage you to please read this blog and secure your ticket to heaven Today.

As we begin this new year, it is possible that you are faced with so many challenges. It could be unemployment, a debilitating disease, the loss of a loved one, rejection, humiliation, loneliness, oppression and many other difficulties. You may feel like all hope is gone. No one can help you. In fact, you may even have valid reasons to be hopeless.

However, I encourage you right now to look up and know that there is no desperate situation before our Maker. His name is Yahweh and He has a record of changing desperate situations into Great Testimonies. The only reason why we should never despair or give up in this life is simply because we have a Just, Good and Merciful Creator. He loves us all and always wants the best for us. When we put our Faith in Him, He is able to change every form of desperate situation into a Testimony. He can Restore, Resurrect, Create, Heal, Deliver, Save, Redeem and do many other amazing things if we call to him and put our Faith and Trust in Him.

He changed Job desperate situation and blessed his latter part more than the former part. He answered Hannah’s cry and gave her sons and daughters; yet she was barren for many years. He healed lepers like Namaan and changed Jabez’s future. God only does Good and is no respecter of persons. If you cry to Him, He will answer you and show you His marvelousness. This is the reason why you can smile in 2023 because Our God is Good and His mercies endure forever. His power is limitless and His ears are always attentive to those who earnestly cry out to Him.

Happy New Year!

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