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Switching off your mobile phone, especially at night when you are not using it, is very important to your health and well being.

Our cell phones emit radiation, even when we are not using them. This can cause a range of heath problems in the long run. It’s always best to switch it off when you are going to bed and charge it then.

Putting off your phone at night also prevents you from checking it or being disturbed by it. The blue light on your phone apparently can cause a lot of damages, not just to your eyes but even cells in your body (click here for more info).

Lastly, I also personally encourage you to switch off all electronic devices (I mean your computer, cell phone, iPad, etc.) for like a day in a week, and see how you feel afterwards. The negative effects of social media, constant calls and emails are real! Do a digital detox from time to time and live life free from all these gadgets. It will give you mental clarity and reduce a lot of stress from your life.


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