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Since 2014, I started drinking sparkling water. It’s really a great alternative to soda or any other drink you might be addicted to. So basically, I realized that I actually used to crave and drink a lot of fizzy drinks like Sprite and Coke, not because of the sugar in them. But really because of the effervescence in them. I loved the effect that the fizziness has on my tongue and throat. If it’s too cold, it can even burn a bit, which is super cool.

Since then, if I feel any craving for any soda, if possible I opt for sparkling water and I am usually very satisfied. Sparkling water is safe to drink but it should not replace still water. I say this because of its composition. Somehow, it can cause one to feel extremely hungry hence it’s always best to drink it during or after meals (in my opinion).

It is also proven that it can ruin tooth enamel (but even sodas/alcohol do that and so does lemon and many other substances) . One should drink it from time to time but still remembering that it is a healthy alternative and a great source of hydration.

What’s your favorite brand of sparkling water?


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